May 4, 2009

Poseidon Must have lived Here...

Poseidon's Throne

... And once we will be lucky enough to reach the level of a relaxing internal Meditation, our mind will automatically escape from the torturing borders we have invented, engraving ourselves in misery!

The mental revenge shall take place. The memorable escape of the mind. The incarnation of subconsciousness' oracles... And the endless voyage will start, changing all the
so far known...

Baptized in Revelation

Are you ready for something you were always waiting for? Let it be... Only at this specific achieved level the Gods will reveal themselves to you. Could anyone ever thought of discovering the Land of Poseidon, Ancient Greeks' God of Sea and Earthquakes?

Some human beings can see and experience more than others. They have the proper senses to do so.. They worked harder than anyone can imagine in order to reach a Mental Level.

The revelation of Ancient Gods. The tasting of the magic Fruits of the Sea... The priceless gift of getting to know yourself!

Please, keep on trying! Our Gods are out there! Can you hear their laughter? Or even their tears every time we are ignoring them... Keep on trying and someday you'll see my friend, as I did already...

The Place to Be..

Poseidon Must have lived here, in front of us.. But no one noticed........

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